Portrett Pharmaceuticals
We help small molecule drug discovery companies obtain the required data for their regulatory filings quickly.
Our Mission
Portrett Pharmaceuticals strives to be an extension of your program by providing a custom partnership experience for our clients that focuses on rapid turnaround time that exceeds expectations.
Who We Are
We are a Contract Research Organization committed to providing cost effective timely analytical testing. Our unique process flow provides quick results to help meet the demands of the drug discovery companies that we help.

High quality fast testing with your regulatory filings in mind.

MARBIONC Laboratory

Painting a Complete Picture of Your API

Trusted, Reliable Analytical Testing

Our Capabilities

We provide customized analytical testing for our client’s programs at all phases of the process. From method development to phase appropriate method validation

  • Routine Testing
  • Method Development 
  • Validation & Transfers
  • Compendial Testing
  • Instrumentation & Equipment

Trusted, Reliable Analytical Testing

Company Overview

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